miami grands

miami grands


Miami Grands

1. Key Biscayne, dawn     4.42

2. Coral Gables, early morning     3.34

3. Little Haiti, mid morning     3.14

4. Opa-Locka, late morning     3.22

5. Freedom Tower, noon     3.37

6. Star Island, early afternoon     3.54

7. Stiltsville, mid afternoon     4.16

8. Little Havana, late afternoon     3.40

9. Coconut Grove, early evening     5.11

10. Mojitos and Stilettos, night     5.01

11. South Beach, midnight     3.35

12. Everglades, under the stars     4.04

Total timing     48.10

    Miami Piano Circle
    Georgi Danchev
Recorded Location:
   Miami Grands, was recorded live at its premiere on April 27, 2014, at    Shepard and Ruth K. Broad Center for the Performing Arts, Barry University, Miami, Florida.   
Original Conception
   Mia Vassilev
Location Engineer
   Paul Griffiths
Mixing Producer:
   MC Maguire, Haro Street Productions, Toronto
Mixing Engineer:
   MC Maguire
   L. Stuart Young, Metalworks, Toronto
Front and Back Photography:
    Bryan Hainer
Inside Photography:
    Daniel Bock Photography
Art Direction:
   Sooja Lee
   Adjustable Music; Bill Holab Music, Sole Agent
Copy Editor:
   Beth Roberts

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