an italian straw hat

an italian straw hat


                 Act 1 

1     Opening; Virginia and Felix polishing the glassware; Love theme; Horse duet     6.34

2     Emile and Anais sneak off; Their duet     3.13

3     Ferdinand solo     2.12

4     Fashion shown     3.14

5     Ferdinand attempts to play violin; Suddenly he is a virtuoso; Baroness looks on with approval; Wedding guests arrive; Country folk in awe; Ferdinand keeps playing pretending he is Nisnardi; Ferdinand makes his exit     7.58

       Act 2

6     First chase     2.53

7     Emile and Anais duet     3.55

8     Chez Monsieur Beaujolais; Third chase     2.58

9     Felix and Virginia duet     2.53

10     Top of the Eiffel Tower     1.30

11     Ferdinand's Apartment     5.38

12     Country folk arrive; Cavalry arrives; Arrest music; Vezinet music; Surprise gift     6.42

13     Pas de deux, Ferdinand and Helene     5.07

14     Coda; Guests reassemble for the wedding; Wedding bells; Reception     4.36

       Total timing       58:23


The National Ballet of Canada Orchestra, ORMSBY WILKINS

World premiere recording of Michael Torke's music for a ballet by James Kudelka

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