Year: 1984

Heading: for brass, keyboards, and percussion

First Performance:
11 October 1985
Concertgebouw Kleinezaal, Amsterdam
Asko Ensemble /  Lukas Vis

Instrumentation: platespft.elect pft.2synthelec.bass guitar

Duration: 13'

Recording: Vanada can be found on the release, five

In Vanada, Torke has conjured a jazz band from hell. [It] is difficult, but rewarding. —Tom Strini, The Milwaukee Journal.

Michael Torke's Vanada, which I found exhilarating first time around a few months ago, didn't disappoint on a second hearing. The argument was excitingly taut, the rock-feeling hammered home, and Torke's elevated, almost Mahlerian middle-section had a brilliant sheen. Among trendy young composers he represents real value... —David Murray, Financial Times

Vanada is apparently akin to a golden oldie among New Music fans...—Garry Booth, Financial Times

...swinging, very well elaborated,...musical and impertinently refreshing. —De Telegraaf (Amsterdam)