Year: 2013

Heading: for band

First Performance:
1st recording by KU Wind Ensemble/
Paul Popiel
7-8 October, 2013

Lied Center, University of Kansas 

Instrumentation: full band

Duration: 12'

Recording: Bliss can be found on the recording called, concerto for orchestra

...this is another characteristically buoyant work...—Classical CD Reviews layers snazzy pop over a broadly conceived background chord progression. It's irresistible. —American Record Review

Program Notes:
Originally written in 2003, from a commission by by the College Band Directors National Association, it was premiered at their national convention in Minneapolis on 29 March 2003 with the University of Indiana Wind Ensemble conducted by Doug Stotter. This piece has been extensively revised for the October, 2013 recording.

A simple rhythm (4 eighth notes, rest, 1 eighth note, rest, 2 eighth notes, rest) is the underpinning that we hear throughout. What changes is the melodies assigned to these rhythmic values, and the harmonies that support them. With percussionists tapping out the rhythm by clapping, the accumulation becomes an ever increasing celebration; a state of bliss.

This piece has been composed not long after Rapture, Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra, and represents a kind of companion piece to it; both are music which expresses an unfettered, joyous state.